The Devil's Due

"At the time of your end, all debts are due."
Logline: An advertising man and his family struggle to survive when a deadly secret delivers them into the vengeance of cunning psychopaths.

The Devil’s Due is written along the lines of Cape Fear and Prisoners. The story is about a successful advertising executive from Tennessee named Carter Wynn, who lives a well-ordered life and always has control. However, Carter has a dark secret that he has hidden from his family for years. A secret that begins to unravel when a scarred stranger shows up at his door with a devious scheme to destroy everything and everyone Carter loves.

When Carter leaves his disgruntled wife and beloved son for a business trip, his journey falls into chaos when a badly beaten woman is dumped on the road before him. When Carter chooses to assist the woman, she deceives Carter and lures him deep into the countryside where he is hunted, broken and scourged for running from his past. All the while, Carter’s family is abducted from their home to be used later as leverage in the scarred stranger’s grand design of vengeance and suffering. As terror hangs over Carter’s head and past revelations are thrown into the light, Carter must find the courage to defeat the demon of his past and save his family from certain death.

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