Creative Writing

Telling the story – For human beings, telling the story is something we have been doing since we were first able to imagine what our world and our lives could be like. Stories were used throughout the ages to mark man’s triumph over himself and the world around him. Stories are used to instruct future generations on how to avoid the mistakes of the past. We tell stories so we may understand each other better. What’s more, we tell stories to have better understanding of ourselves.


The Devil’s Due

The Devil’s Due is a dilemma driven Horror/Thriller.  It is the story of Carter Wynn and his family’s struggle to survive when Carter’s past transgressions deliver Carter and his family into the vengeance of a cunning psychopath.
(being pitched)

Beneath Anguish

Beneath Anguish is a thriller/horror about a serial killer turning away from his homicidal pattern to hunt the detective who is hunting him.
(in development)

Innocence and the Darkness

Americans struggle for survival after America’s economy and culture collapses.
(in development)

Ashes and Dust

After a yearlong research and discovery effort, Thomas R. Monette has begun the first draft of a spec screenplay chronicling a North Carolina mans’ trails just before, during and after the Civil War.
(in development)
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The Sickness

The Sickness is a psychological thriller that deals with a young man, trying to survive the evil intentions of his misguided soul and delusional mind after his lifelong dreams and family are destroyed.
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Film Concepts (plotted)

Ashes and Dust

Americans struggle for survival after America’s economy and culture collapes

Le Homme Bougie

Origins of The Bogey Man

Slivers of God

A science fiction thriller about the birth and destruction of mankind.

Wide is the Gate

Depression era mafia thriller.


A bereaved woman struggles to survive when she is abducted by a serial killer.

Conan: The Anvil of Krom

A continuation of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic now that Conan is King.

Halo Wars

The origins of the Halo Spartans and the birth of Master Chief.

Gears of War: Fenix

The becoming of Marcus Fenix and his rise and fall at Aspho Fields.

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