Untitled Civil War Screenplay
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               FADE IN: 

               TITLE CARD:

               The words "A house divided cannot stand: Abraham Lincoln"

               filter into view.


               In a dank, diseased ridden storage level of a slave ship,

               hundreds of slaves huddle, tightly packed against one

               another.  The dead lay upon the living.  Slaves cringe at the

               heavy footsteps and banging from the deck above.  

               Hardened voices are heard as the door to the above deck

               slowly creaks open. Chains being drug across the deck resound

               from beyond the opening.

               The door raises. The light of day temporarily blinds the

               tortured souls. Sea air rushes in, gasps for air rise in

               concert before fear grips the collection of slaves.  What

               seems to be prayers from strange tongues can be heard

               mumbling throughout.

               EXT. MAIN DECK - THE WANDERER - DAY

               A bearded Irishman stands upon the deck staring into the

               hold. A group of ten men prepare a chain near by The


               The words "Charleston, South Carolina 1857" fade into view.

               The Irishman's furrowed face is red and chapped from his time

               at sea. He wears a long woolen coat to warm his portly body.

               He yells into the cargo hold below.

                                   THE IRISHMAN

                         Let's go, let's go, get up you

                         godless pieces of shit!

               INT. CARGO HOLD - THE WANDERER - DAY 

               The weary slaves closest to the door rise slowly and gently

               and make their way up the wooden steps.  The rest of the

               level begins to rustle.

               The first slave reaches the top of the steps. Frightened, he

               is greeted by the devilish smile of The Irishman and quickly

               tossed into the group of men holding a 20 foot length of

               shackles and chain.  A few of the men quickly restrain the

               slave and force him to stand correct.

               Next, two slaves carrying a corpse approach the top of the

               steps.  Displeasure sinks into The Irishman and the men

               holding the chain.

                                   CHAINMAN ONE

                         Ah shit!  What in the hell are we

                         supposed to do with that one?

               The Irishman calls a couple of men over to take the corpse from

               the slaves as two other men escort the living slaves to their

               place in line.

                                   CHAINMAN ONE (CONT'D)

                         So, what do ya reckon?

               The Irishman nods toward the side of the ship.

               The chained slaves look on in horror. 

                                   CHAINMAN ONE (CONT'D)

                         This one better not be coming out

                         of me share.

               The Irishman looks on as the two men approached the side of

               the ship. 

                                   THE IRISHMAN

                         If you don't shut your mouth you

                         can bet I will.

               Chainman One and the fellow reach the side of the ship and

               without hesitation deposit the body over the side. Both men

               look overboard to watch the corpse splash into the sea.

               As the two men turn to walk back, The Irishman yells out.

                                   THE IRISHMAN (CONT'D)


                         Now that's the way you dispose of a

                         dead pig!

               Chainman One and the other man walk back to their place in

               line. The Irishman pats Chainman One on the back as he passes


               Slaves continue to rise from the cargo hold.  

               Dismay is abundant amongst the chained slaves in line.

               The Irishman walks to the side of the ship. He stares into

               the distance.

                                   THE IRISHMAN (CONT'D)

                         It's going to be a good day... a

                         good day.

               Pulling away from the Irishman and the ship, the first group

               of 20 slaves shuffles down a gangplank and onto the wharf

               where they are met by a large crowd of would-be slave owners.  



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