About TRMonette Visuals

Thomas R. Monette founded TRMonette Visuals in 2012. For two decades, Thomas R. Monette has worked in the film and television industry. Taking his knowledge and resources of film production along with his experience in art and design, Thomas created TRMonette Visuals in the hope of one day creating a company that would be matched by none.

It is Thomas’ belief that desire, dedication and discipline, teamed with skill and innovation breed a force that cannot be rivaled. It is in these beliefs that we are able to bring our best to the table every day in order to create films and illustrations that are emotional and compelling.

Thomas R. Monette’s goal is to provide the client with a wide variety of production and post-production resources, along with flexibility from start to finish. In addition, TRMonette Visuals is dedicated to giving you and your project the attention you both deserve.

Thomas R. Monette

Creative Samurai

I love a good Chicken Marsala, a glass of merlot (or two) and the rock band Tool. I enjoy people watching, exploring derelict buildings and challenging myself by finding new things to learn. During the last 10 years, I have been learning, experimenting and working hard to push myself at advancing my creative skills in film and design.

I will always do my best to make sure your project is in good hands as I share your desire for excellence, and will work diligently to achieve it.

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