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               FADE IN:


               The world is dreamy, a distant sweet memory as a large SUV
               rests on a gravel drive before a grand front veranda. A
               beautiful BRUNETTE WOMAN, 30, in a dinner dress steps through
               the front door and approaches the SUV.


               In the foyer, keys lay upon a silver dish surrounded by
               pictures on a console table. Heavy FOOTSTEPS approach. A
               rugged hand picks up the keys.

                                   BURLY MAN (O.S.)
                         Come on guys! We're going to be

               Beyond the silver dish, the silhouette of BURLY MAN steps
               into view.

               Children LAUGH, hurried footsteps near. A YOUNG BALLERINA, 8,
               streaks by. Her DAPPER BROTHER, 10, follows behind. Burly
               Man's silhouette steps after them.


               Children rush out the door. The Brunette Woman waits at the
               SUV until the children jump in.

               The Brunette Woman meets the clean-cut, sturdy, BURLY MAN,
               32, with an smile and takes his hand. Burly Man leans in and
               kisses his wife, the Brunette Woman.

               Burly Man helps the Brunette Woman into the SUV then climbs
               in himself. The SUV starts and rolls down the drive.

               The SUV continues a short distance when darkness falls
               abnormally quick -- storm clouds rush in to fill the sky, the
               SUV disappears and the

               PRESENT DAY

               Plantation Home is now forsaken and decrepit. Candlelight
               flickers in a second story window.


               Broken portrait frames and military commendations hang on
               cracked plaster walls.

               An older, grizzlier Burly Man, 45, sits shirtless at the edge
               of a tightly tucked bed as streams of cigar smoke rise beyond
               him. Darkness will conceal him until the time is right.

               INT. SUV - NIGHT (FLASHBACK)

               A slash of light, a SHRIEK of pain as a man's hand reaches 
               through raging flames. A heat distorted face appears.

                                                          BACK TO SCENE

               Burly Man heaves from controlled breaths.

               INT. SUV - NIGHT (FLASHBACK)

               A slash of light.  A manly scream fills the air as flames
               engulf a man's hand and arm. The distorted face vanishes.

                                                          BACK TO SCENE

               Burly Man rises and smashes a hole in the wall. He writhes
               like a prize fighter warming up then stretches his muscular
               back and arms to reveal that burn scars have destroyed the
               black and gray tattoos that cover his body.

               Burly Man gazes out the window in a moment of solitude. He
               puffs at the cigar.

               Burly Man grabs a flannel shirt and tactical bowie knife from
               a dresser. He straps the knife to his thigh, pinches out
               candles and leaves the room and marches down a gloomy


               where he stops at a door, listens and opens it.

               A steel framed bed is nestled in the corner. Blond hair peeks
               from under a blanket that distends from easy breaths.

               Burly Man, a shadow in the doorway, steps into

               BEDROOM TWO

               and eases over to the bed. With a swift kick to the bed
               frame, he jolts the woman under the blanket.

                                   BURLY MAN
                         It's time to go. Get up. Come on.

               Burly Man steps from the room. As he exits, the woman stirs.
               Obscured, she rises and glances at the door.


               Burly Man stops at another door. He knocks and eases the door
               open. He looks inside.

               BEDROOM THREE

               Old porno magazines and dirty clothes litter the shambled
               room. Moonlight streams through newspapers and crusty porno
               pages that cover the windows.

               On a tattered mattress, a longhaired MOUNTAIN MAN, 40, sits
               in ragged dungarees on a reclaimed lumber bed.

               Mountain Man looks up. A glint in his eyes creeps through his
               oily hair and grizzled beard. He slow nods Burly Man.

               In the doorway, Burly Man nods back and then leaves.


               Burly Man marches through the dilapidated home and into a
               dust covered

               DINNING ROOM

               where he approaches a secret door. He presses a piece of
               molding, the door pops open. He enters.


               Burly Man bounces down the stairs. The murky faces of
               Mountain Man and the Unknown Woman follow behind.

               INT. TUNNEL - NIGHT

               Burly Man, Mountain Man and the Unknown Woman traipse through
               the lantern lit passage.

               INT. GALLEY - NIGHT

               A wooden torture device that resembles a hand truck sits at
               the center of the stone room. The bloodstains that stigmatize
               the floor glimmer in nearby firelight around the device.

               Deeper into the room, a darkened archway gapes in a corner. 
               Burly Man marches through. Mountain Man and the Unknown Woman
               straggle behind.

               Burly Man eases up to the torture device. He clutches it as a
               dear friend. Mountain Man and the Unknown Woman walk past him
               and move through the room.

                                   BURLY MAN
                         Make sure you have everything you
                         need. No mistakes.

               Burly Man steps to a darkened wall of pictures and notes. He
               stares at a cluster of photos. The Unknown Woman meets him.

                                   UNKNOWN WOMAN
                         We're ready to go.

                                   BURLY MAN
                         I'll be right there.

                                   UNKNOWN WOMAN
                         Are you sure, it's him? You've been
                         wrong --

               Burly Man snaps.

                                   BURLY MAN
                         Get the fuck out of here and don't
                         question me again.

               The Unknown Woman throws up her hands and slithers away.
               Burly Man snatches a picture from the wall, regards it and
               marches off.

               INT. CELLAR - NIGHT

               A fire blazes in a hearth. Woodworking blades and axes hang
               from the wood-beamed ceiling. Burly Man rumbles through and
               steps to a rugged workbench and picks up what seems to be a
               mask. He opens a cabinet above the workbench.

               IN THE CABINET

               A shelf of macabre, hand-carved, wooden masks sits above
               another shelf of burnt, bashed and crushed skulls.  There are
               a dozen different masks, one for every skull.

                                                          BACK TO SCENE

               Burly Man places the obscured mask on the shelf above an
               empty space on the shelf below. He closes the cabinet and
               glances at the picture he pulled from the wall.

               THE PICTURE

               Is a daytime photo of a pristine, modern, ranch house. The
               picture transforms into the present day.

                                   BURLY MAN (O.S.)
                         I know it's him. His time has come.

               EXT. WYNN HOME - DAY

               A sporty black Cadillac graces the driveway.

               The front door opens. CARTER WYNN, 35, sinewy and fit,
               bounces through the door with a portfolio and coffee in hand
               and a confident grin on his face.

               Carter jumps in the Cadillac and starts it. The Cadillac
               pulls from the drive and speeds away.


               -- Classic rock plays. Carter examines himself in the         
               mirror. He flashes a smile at himself and looks back to   
               the road.

               -- On a highway, Carter's car speeds by and away.

               -- Carter's car stops at a light. Carter flips through   
               pages of concept art.

               -- The streetlight turns green. The Cadillac speeds away.

               -- Carter's car streams down the street and pulls into a   
               parking structure.


               Carter exits the car with an easy smile and struts away.


               Carter emerges and strolls along the sidewalk.

               Outside the entrance to the office building, a middle-aged
               JAZZ MAN plays a smooth tune on a saxophone.

               Carter stops at the Jazz Man and tosses small bills into his
               case. Jazz Man nods and winks at Carter. Carter kindly nods
               back and then enters the office building.
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Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.